Peak Performance Coaching


You should be.

I am too with new commitments with big promises! 

MSNBC’s Make it, Jade Scipioni, a heavy hitter reporter, put me to the test.  

Here’s what I was up against….

“When I got the pitch to interview an executive coach on his method to develop high performers, I was sketpical-I get these types of emails weekly.” (MSNBC’s Make it, Jade Scipioni)

I couldn’t  agree more! Everyone calls themself a coach today right?

Well, in addition to being skeptical, I also later learned Ms. Scipioni had been a client of the Tony Robbins coaching program and…..that’s where her skepticism was born.

You can check out what she wrote about her coaching  experience with me in her MSNBC article (about a 2 minute read)…it doesn’t get more transparent than this.

Most of all,  I’m happy to have made a quick, precise impact on her life that she could own and continue independently. That’s my promise!

What Do I Coach?

It depends. Everyone is different, but here's a sample list.

-Big Career Changes

-Crippling Workplace Relationship Problems

-Break Through Growth

-Near Catastrophic Mistakes  & Damage Control

-Clarity of Career Goals and  Purpose

-Balancing High Success and a Family


-Getting Focused and Executing Your Personal Goals

How Do I Coach?

A Proven Method To Attain Success ... Coaching that applies positive psychology research provides a unique advantage to be your best professional and personal Self.

My coaching delivers precise changes facilitated by new positive behavioral habits.

My super-power, is to quickly and precisely assess your objectives.

We move quickly from there and your pace of work on your goals is up to you not me. Some people  just need a few sessions and they're back and running. Other client's objectives take time, or are attached to bigger issues, strategies, and outcomes. Either way, we  work collaboratively.

Coaching is provided locally in person if you wish (once the pandemic is over), and always virtually.

In addition to coaching sessions, I provide written feedback, learning resources, am available by email, and may even send you special resources. (A current client of mine just started  cooking jointly with her husband during the pandemic, and I sent them a cookbook and bottle of Malbec to further ignite their passion, culinary expertise, and reinforce the backbone of their success.)

Your first call is free so we can meet each other and both decide if it's  a match.

Reach out to me here to discuss coaching!


Some of my credentials and personal story..(successes and  failures...yes, I'm human)

I've been a psychologist for almost 20 years and counting

Part-Time professor at Yale Medical School since 2002 (I'm one of many who develop the up and comers)

Worked 5 years on a start-up that never made money; learned a lot in an incubator, and got funded. (One of the highlights was partnering with IBM Watson and sandboxing machine learning)

Summited some really cool mountains (One of my hobbies): Rainier, Grand Teton, Hood, and in South America: Cotopaxi,  Cayambe, Illiniza North and South. Next up Aconcagua.

Tore my knee running the Philly marathon to qualify for Boston. Got a bike, recovered, and completed a Spartan Beast on Mt. Killington even with temporary hypothermia from swimming in a 40 degree pond.

Completed Seth Godin's AltMBA, frequently attend MIT CIO conferences, and voraciously read scientific journal articles and business articles each month (to give you the the 'best of') and round out my knowledge.

No Coaching Certificate if you were hoping for that.