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A Little Bit About Me ...

I am a psychologist with 20 years of expertise in psychological assessment. I've put in my 10,000 hours and then some.

Over the years I've been most interested in the behaviors and personality traits that result in people’s success or failure.

Human performance attributes underly everyone’s technical abilities.

These are the psychological factors that create top talent and high performing leaders who are loved by their teams.

I provide decision-makers with proven techniques and tools to identify the characteristics to recruit and hire top talent.

If you already have top-performers, then I can help your leaders fine-tune their professional development for optimal performance with actionable goals through coaching or training.

I spend a significant amount of my professional time curating psychological research, writing about its applications on human performance, and developing strategies and protocols to help top professionals consistently push their potential.

In my free time, I pursue physical and psychological challenges in the "outdoor lab" that can enhance my productivity and flow.