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The Psychology of Hiring, Developing, and Retaining Top Talent

Has a bad hiring decision ever resulted in significant financial loss to your company?

Has a terrific hire grown your business beyond your expectations?

Chances are, both are true.

My presentation will unravel the psychological science behind both.

Asking the right questions, and obtaining the right data about your candidates can make all the difference in determining the veracity of past performance.

This improves the predictability of hiring top talent driven by the research of behavioral science.

Struggling with keeping Millennials? You’re not alone. Learn how to attract and retain your future Millennial and Generation Z top talent workforce.

Top Talent Recruiting: Learn how to identity research based psychological character competencies, behaviors, and data mined attributes that identify Top Talent.  Apply this knowledge in precise interviews, psychological surveys & tests, candidate research, reference interviews, and digital data.

Top Talent Development: Already have a Top Talent Team? Great…Let’s drill down on one area to focus development and future performance that is action-based and will optimize your team.

Risk Management: My presentation describes the psychological character and behavioral risk factors (criminal offenses, false credentials, negative interpersonal skills, etc. ) that can be identified through research-based interviewing, psychological tests & surveys, and job candidate research using free or budget-sensitive technology assets (social media, background search companies, state databases). Armed with these data, bad hires can be prevented.

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