As we embrace remote work, we have an opportunity to expand a “People First” initiative that accelerates a top talent strategy to optimize bringing everyone’s true potential for success to greater fruition through more personalized engagement. It drives leadership more organically, but more importantly with authentic relationship building in the remote (and traditional) workplace.

Here’s some ideas for doing it:

  1. Have everyone in the organization partner with 1 person for leadership development.
  2. Identify 1 short term and 1 long term goal, and have partners meet weekly (virtually or in-person) for personalized feedback and sharing.
  3. Create or expand a Professional Resource Page on your platform broken down topically (ex: Grit) with articles, podcasts, videos, and e-books.
  4. Have shorter webinar workshops (15 minutes) , but make them company wide and offer them on a daily basis. (Active listening, mindfulness, creative problem solving)
  5. Engage brief distant coaching engagements to help people quickly and precisely identify professional development obstacles and solutions.
  6. Have weekly live company broadcasts from the executive team discussing the “wins”  and “challenges” so you can harness the collective intelligence of the organization and create deeper unity. Follow-up with surveys.
  7. Create a new company meet-up page based on interests, so after the pandemic, organic relationship building can extend naturally. Meanwhile, people can share interests. (learning a second language, playing an instrument, sports activities, etc.)