Welcome everyone, this is Dr. Eric Frazer, I’m a clinical psychologist, professional development coach, and organizational consultant and want to welcome you to this course—-the proven psychological habits of top talent. 10 lessons to become a high performer. I’m going to teach you how to apply the psychological science of optimal performance into your professional development.

In this course, I’m going to break it down into micro-steps that focus on some of the most important and time-enduring psychological findings that you can immediately put to work to improve your life. What is really unique about this course and what I’m most excited about is sharing the findings from psychology and neuroscience and how to apply those into your daily life and ultimately your professional development. How do I do this? Every month I go through the top scientific databases to review, analyze, and translate the most useful studies and come up with systems, methods and techniques to apply those in your personal and professional life.

This includes topics like developing grit, learning emotional regulation, developing perspective taking for optimal communication, building a growth mindset plan, cultivating deliberate practice, and integrating what is important to you in your personal and professional life. These are a sample of the skills that I have taught to a variety of companies like Google, Osteostrong, Cisco, and many more who have come before you.

Understanding and learning these skills will make an immediate impact on your goals. This is not a sit back and listen course. So for each class come prepared with a journal to take notes, write down inspiring ideas, and references I may mention. Each lesson will have an accompanying practice, so you can integrate the teaching into your life, and build personal accountability for the results you are seeking. It’s time to take action, and make change. 

I recommend that you make this a writing process, and continue writing throughout your time with this course, and beyond. By journaling, you will be accountable, and better able to keep track of your progress now, and in the future. It will make you feel good to look back and see how far you have come. Many many experts journal and keep track of their progress, the ups and the downs, and continually refine their development. If you’re not already doing this, now is the time to activate this timeless positive habit.