We are in a time in which anxiety, stress, and the demands for solving complex problems in an environment of uncertainty is perhaps greater than it has ever been. 

We know these are the challenges of elevated anxiety that cripple decision-making and action:

  • Intrusive Thoughts
  • Hypervigilance to News
  • Catastrophic Thinking
  • Focusing on Irrational vs. Rational

Talk It Out

There’s a reason why talk therapy works, and proxies such as facilitated support groups can serve as a proven medium for reducing anxiety, increase a sense of support, and function as an empowering agent for emotional equilibrium and productivity.

Human Connection Is A Universal Experience That Creates Deep Team Understanding 

Coming together in a facilitated group creates a safe space for productive interaction for the following individual and group processes to help individuals and teams cultivate collective support. These are the empowering experiences:

  • Reciprocity of Feelings
  • Empathy
  • Creative Solution-Focused Actions
  • Diversity Appreciation

Structuring Facilitated Support Groups

  • Convene daily support groups with natural and organic teams in your organization
  • Include a third-party facilitator, to remove bias, and set a precedent of group neutrality
  • Ideally keep support groups under fifteen; break up larger groups randomly so no one is left out
  • Themes can pivot from crisis to control, from reaction to action, from uncertainty to certainty