There’s a tension in the corporate workplace air regrading the differences in expectations, work habits, and a general uncertainty about how to bridge the old and new needs of younger workers.

Millennials also find it difficult with the interview process, the ‘fit’, and figuring out how they can match best with a company. Here’s a few tips that parents, friends, and colleagues can help their millennial career explorer.

Build Grit: Commit to a long term goal and be able to talk about it.

Follow Through: Complete projects and goals and talk about the challenges and success.

Be Attentive: Pay attention to details, and listen and focus in conversations.

Be Curious: Curiosity is highly associated with leadership and top talent, so show curiosity in both the company, but also in your own professional development.

Lifelong Learning: We’re in a knowledge economy with a built in expectation of being a life-long learner. So pick something to learn: a new skill, a new hobby, and then be willing to teach it or present it.