Exercise is integral in the lives of people who are top performers.

As Nike says…They JUST DO IT!

That is, until they quit. Life gets in the way.

A new longitudinal study in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine showed….. about 50% of new gym members quit before the 6 week mark.

Have you ever started out with the intention of establishing a new exercise habit….And Failed?

You’re not alone, as this recent research paper proved. That’s right, you’ve got a 50/50 chance of sticking it out.

Why do people who want to “Look Good,”Feel Healthy,” or “Lose Weight” just quit?

In a moment, I’ll reveal the answer, and the solution to develop an exercise habit that sticks.


The gym member study I just mentioned is consistent with plenty of other Habit Research. The answer is not intention. It matters less what you intend to do. Everyone has good intentions when starting a new exercise program.

The answer is also not mood, or being positive. Mood changes, just look at your last 24 hours. Mine had distractions just like yours. Being optimistic helps, but it’s not the “X” Factor

What’s the “X Factor”?

Consistency……4 workouts x 6 weeks=Positive Sustained Habit

This comes as no surprise in the realm of high performance behavior research. The term “Deliberate Practice” has been associated with elite performance by top performers, and even children in The Growth Mindset research by Carol Dwek.

Deliberate practice is the first step in establishing a routine of habit creation. This is a proven method to get the outcomes you are seeking.




I reward myself with great trips like this one where I’m a few feet from The Summit of Mt. Hood, Oregon. Yes–It felt like the Stairway To Heaven!

My exercise habit consists of running five to six times a week on the road, trail, snow, and torrential rain. I do it the same days, at 5AM, and that prevents missing. If you’re like me, you have days when you feel too tired, or lack motivation.

They key to habit is that you create A Discipline,

Not a Motivation.

Exercise is not just racking up miles. It gets your brain into a flow state to improve your problem solving, creativity, and innovation back at work. When you do this daily, you quickly ‘switch on’ higher cognitive performance.


  1. Pick Any Exercise Routine
  2. Follow The 4 Steps
  3. KEY: Schedule Your 4 Weekly Practice Sessions in your calendar for 6 weeks
  4. Track your progress on a simple Spreadsheet
  5. Looking for a social network of support. Try Strava (For cyclers and runners)
  6. Get a coach. (I have one now for a marathon I’m training for)

Want To Stay Informed About Other High Performing Habits….Even If You’ve Repeatedly Failed On Your Own?

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