In a recent study, the International Journal of Selection & Assessment published a study showing the 7 Red Flags hiring mangers look for on social media. Here they are in rank order:

  1. Potential Drug Use
  2. Provocative Photos
  3. Profanity
  4. Alcohol Use
  5. Disparaging An Employer 
  6. Negative Diversity Comments
  7. Sexual References

Kind of no surprise with these, but the take home message is that it turns out a substantial amount of weight is put on social media data by hiring managers and attributed to personality. 

I disagree with this, knowingly as a psychologist, that context is key.

A hiring software company specializing in ‘identifying risk factors’ using large data sets was on the right track with this using machine learning, but one of the recommendations I gave was for more precision of in-person character interviewing using the same methodology.

That, of course, cannot yet be trained by a machine.