Mindful Trust-Building Meetings

Restructure meetings. Start with a 5 minute mindfulness exercise—-a practice that can replicated at the onset of all meetings. Perhaps you want to bring in a facilitator for this first ‘launch’. (Yes, I’d love to help you out with this!) Have a brief discussion about mindfulness and the growth mindset so everyone is up to speed with the latest science, and can share their own perceptions. 

The Re-Structured Approach:

Have each member communicate feedback during meetings using positive communication that includes the following:

  • Validation of Ideas

Validate team member’s contributions, even if simply their enthusiasm and passion.

  • Advantages of Ideas Proposed

Invite conversation about the advantages of the ideas proposed. 

  • Disadvantages of Ideas Proposed

Invite conversation about potential disadvantages of the ideas proposed.

  • Key Learnings (What did we learn from the proposed ideas? What do we need to learn more about?)

This elicits conversation (and observation) of a fixed/stagnant team vs. a growth mindset team. A facilitator has the unique advantage to point this out when first being implemented. It prevents the team from emotionally vulnerable reactions. 

  • Appreciation For Divergent Thinking Acknowledgment

Show appreciation for risk-taking. 

Key Outcomes

  • Improved Team Trust
  • Increased Receptivity To Team Feedback
  • Greater Efficiency in Decision-Making
  • Broader Acceptance of Diverse Thinking
  • Greater Consistency of a Team Growth Mindset


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