There’s two key ingredients to transition from management to leadership.

Take a second, and see if you can guess what they are?


Believing & Committing to Something Bigger (A Superordinate Goal) Than Yourself.

This is hard, and if it wasn’t everyone would be a leader. How do you do it?

You have to practice it, and actually follow the advice, and make it your positive habit and routine on a daily basis so it becomes integrated into your very personality.

*Practicing Humility

What matters to the people you are leading? 

What are the deepest concerns of your team?

When you discover these answers, give your people the insights, resources, and the challenge to ‘better-up’ themselves.

*Committing To A Superordinate Goal

What is your company’s mission?

How do you practice implementing that mission with enduring passion and an unwillingness to accept defeat?

Develop ways to deliver the value that your company’s mission promises with every interaction.

In a recent consultation with a boutique medical device company promising unprecedented health improvements, I helped them discover a new approach implementing humility and their mission by addressing the preceding questions with them. 

They were missing the ‘mattering’ component in their customer engagement. 

Now they are upping their game by focusing 10X on customer experience, and not simply managing a business, but leading a tribe of loyal customers by giving them the value they want. This is how organizations go from managing to leading.

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