With the fact being Millenials and Gen Z workers make up the majority of the workforce, this will be a year which thematically focuses on: Mattering.

The notion of “Mattering” pertains to the core values of these generational cohorts, and the strong need for a sense of purpose in work. 

Think of it like this. Work is an extension of personal values and can be a transcendental experience to reach one’s potential.

The problem? 

Few are experiencing this. In fact, rising stars tell me they’re “stuck” and “deliberately unrecognized,” and “looking for an organization that has the culture matching my core values.” 

Companies who focus on People, meaning people skills and aligning the company core values with tangible experiences in the workplace that reflect those values will thrive.

Those who do not, will experience greater attrition and the costs associated with high attrition.

Leadership Steps

How do you know where you stand as an organization?

There’s a painful, but quite simple and valid method.

Ask 10 people which ones are being met well, and which ones not at all.

Better re-invest that money in your People.